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Flattening the Curve

March 25, 2020 2 min read

As a family and as a business owner, we and I spent a lot of time talking through what we should do and why.

As an online-only business we can technically remain open. Our warehouse is less than a ten-minute walk away from the house and right now it's just me in packing orders, so the risk is minimal. However, if there ends up being a true lockdown then I'm no longer able to walk over.

Partly, I needed a little more certainty in my world than having my work plans change hourly. It's hard to plan sales or to move inventory if you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Partly, we're adjusting to Jason working from home plus the kids being home plus me needing to be in the warehouse to pack orders. And it's a lot!! Silas has the option of continuing some of his schooling online so if I have some space then I can help navigate the switch to online learning for him and get us all in a better overall routine.

Partly, even though we're online we still come into contact with delivery drivers and our lovely Canada Post pickup person. And I would like them to stay healthy. And that means social distancing.

And lastly, the crux of so many of my difficult decisions - the difference between what we technically can do vs. what will allow me to sleep at night.

Ontario has mandated that all non-essential businesses close for 14 days. And while we're online-only and so technically can keep operating, I have to ask myself are we actually essential? And what I come back to again and again is that toys are a nice to have. And while children's clothing becomes essential in the long run (because kids grow and seasons change), in the next 2 weeks it isn't essential either.

While the online store will remain open, I won't be in packing orders again until April 8th. I appreciate your patience and hope that we'll see you again soon 

- jana

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