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How to Play with Grapat Loose Parts

September 26, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

We see a lot of questions about the Grapat pieces and Loose Parts Play. When can kids start playing with them? What sets should I get first? How many do they need? How do kids play with them?

Grapat Mandala Play via @jesspartyof4

Photo via @jesspartyof4

When can kids start playing with them?

First things first - Safety! - the Grapat loose parts are rated for ages 3+. They are small pieces and are a choking hazard for younger kids. If you are looking for loose parts that smaller children can safely play with I recommend the Grapat rings, coins, and nins. Plus these can be combined with the loose pieces once your children are a little older for even more fun and possibilities.

Grapat Loose Parts Play by nester.wanders

Grapat Loose Parts Play by @nester.wanders

What sets should I get first?

There are currently 9 different sets, which can be a LOT to start with. Pictured below are 8 of the 9 - yellow honeycombs, pink flowers, brown mushrooms, blue raindrops, green cones, red pines, orange cones, and purple eggs. Missing are the blue coins.

Grapat Mandala kits Photo by @nester.wanders

Photo of Grapat sets by @nester.wanders

 If you are just starting out, I recommend getting:

  • blue raindrops
  • green trees
  • pink flowers or purple eggs
  • yellow honeycombs
  • and maybe the new grey stones

It'll give you a variety of colours and shapes, plus they come with some built in building and play options. The green cones + pink / purple can make flowers. The blue can be rain or water droplets. 

Plus if you have some rings and coins the possibilities are endless!

Grapat Mandala Play Ideas photo by @nester.wanders

Photo of Grapat Play Ideas by @nester.wanders

How many do I need?

The Loose Part sets each come with 36 pieces - 12 of each of the three shades in the set. Over 11 sets that can be a LOT of little pieces.

Personally, I prefer the full sets. It allows me to build more and larger patterns since I have all the shades and shapes.

Grapat Mandala Sets - Play Ideas

My eldest regularly pulls out our Grapat Loose Part pieces to build patterns. It helps him find a place of calm and stillness when he's overwhelmed and having trouble regulating. And do you know what I've learned from watching him? It helps me too!

That's right, these are definitely a toy that is much fun for the adults as the kids.

What are some Play Ideas?

  • Colour sorting
  • Pattern matching and extension
  • Mandala building
  • Create scenes
  • Calm down / Self-regulation play
  • Small world play (use them along with other open-ended toys)

Play Ideas Grapat Mandala Kit by jesspartyof4

Scene built from Grapat Loose Part kits by @jesspartyof4

Grapat Mandala Play Ideas by jesspartyof4

Flowers built using Grapat Loose Part kits - green cones, blue raindrops, purple eggs, yellow honeycombs, red pines, pink flowers plus Grimm's natural stacking bowls - by @jesspartyof4

Grapat Mandala Loose Parts Play by nester.wanders

Loose Parts Play with Colour Wheel, showing how you can incorporate the rings and coins and nins and gnomes by @nester.wanders

And sometimes I simply display our Grapat Loose Part pieces because they are simple and beautiful to look at.

Grapat Mandala Pieces by tinyhumanhouse

Photo of Grapat loose part pieces in a bowl made from repurposed t-shirts via @tinyhumanhouse 

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April 17, 2020

Hello hello
I’ve ordered some as you recommended but I don’t see any “ they come with some built in building and play options”. Could you please let me know what you mean by that? Many thanks


January 30, 2020

Fantastic and inspiring ideas. Thank you .

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