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I'm a Dungarees Convert!

May 24, 2017 2 min read

When I first encountered kids dungarees I was definitely in the "those don't make sense" camp.

But let's face it I'm on my second kiddo and I still can't get those damned crotch snap lined up properly on onesies and suits. I'll have a baby who is rolling around on the floor while I'm trying to get JUST ONE MORE SNAP DONE and omg why am I so frustrated?

So I've admitted to myself that snaps just aren't my thing and are more than my tired brain can handle.

Why are there snaps on baby clothes? So shirts don't ride up?

I guess it's the Rascal in me but I'm not super fussed about what I'm supposed to do. Me, I realized that I don't care at all. I was fighting my kid into their clothes because that's what *I was supposed to do*. So I stopped.

I thought dungarees would be the same - that I'd be fighting to get them on and off. I was so stoked when I gave them a change and found that they were so much easier! You undo the buttons, take 'em down, change a diaper, and then back up they go. With no misaligned snaps. BOOM.

Even better, I love how versatile they are. In the summer you can wear them on their own. On colder days you can layer them with a t-shirt (or long sleeve shirt), so they last year round. And that is a huge win in my book!

Pair them with a basic shirt or mix and match with other prints. Because sometimes letting your kiddo wear their submarine shirt with their submarine dungarees is easier than getting into a power struggle over clashing prints.

Below I've paired the Dark Blue Umbrellas Dungarees from DUNS Sweden with a simple red shirt from More Than a Fling. Perfection! 

Dungarees Love

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