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Inclusive Patches - I Love My Parent Heart Tattoo Patch!

February 21, 2017 1 min read

And we're back with some super Parent Patches. I love that these rolled through the door while our shop was down to protest Shopify's support of the hate filled and intolerant Breitbart.

When the world is a sad and hateful place, counter it with LOVE.

Love for ALL families. Single Parents. Parents who don't identify as a Mom or a Dad. We see you and you get Patches too!!

Parent Heart Tattoo Patch

Click to check 'em out (Right - none, Left - Parent)

We also have Mom & Dad Patches. Mix and Match to pick whatever ones match your family.

Artist Credit: Megan Liu-Ramirez | IG @spink_ink | www.spink_ink.com |

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