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Is Organic Cotton Just for PJs?

January 18, 2017 2 min read

I did a few small local markets in December. Several times I had people come up and tell me how soft/lovely/fun the pyjamas were.

Enough people said it that I've started to wonder why we're willing to dress our kids in organic cotton and well made materials at night, but not through the day? 

I saw some marketing recently that spoke to the fact that kids will wear pyjamas for a huge portion of the day (aka while they sleep). Which is totally true! But, they often also wear their other clothes for the other half of the day, so...

I admit, I am a recovering children's pyjama addict. I mean the adorable patterns! I'm pretty sure that they are cuter and more fun than most of the main stream clothes I used to buy for my tiny human. 

What changed for us? The first part was some early night time potty training, which made those adorable one piece footed jammies rather impractical (you try getting them off and then back on without totally waking a kid up... sigh.). And the second part is that we were tired of the bedtime struggle to get pjs on.

As a person, I fully believe in questioning what we're told we "should do" and think more about what works. And for us, one of these things was that kids are "supposed to wear pyjamas to bed" as part of their nighttime routine (ha!). As parents we try to spend our (limited) energy on the truly important things and let battles over things that don't matter slide. 

Here's my confession - my kids no longer wear pyjamas. As long as their clothes are mostly clean, they just go to bed in what they were wearing.

Our savings? All the $$ I used to spend on those adorable pyjamas (which I still look at sometimes and lust over). All the energy spent trying to stuff a small child into another set of clothes. And LAUNDRY! 

And that money we saved on buying pyjamas? Yup, I use that to help buy better quality clothing overall. Because when your kids wear organic cotton and comfortable clothes all day, they are happy. And they can just wear them to bed :D

Do you think you could break your cute pyjama addiction?

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