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Rain Gear Has Arrived!

May 17, 2017 2 min read

Last year my son's school asked that the kids have rain pants for school, which means that they can play outside on muddy days. I'd never thought about it, but it's really practical because it means that the kids get even more outdoor time because they are equipped for the weather.

Our winter was generally so mild that kiddo just wore his rain pants most days. They blocked the wind and kept him dry, so unless there was a lot of snow (almost never) or it was actually cold (still pretty rare), the rain pants were just fine.

Added bonus? Our son didn't like wearing his snow pants because he "couldn't run fast". So there were no fights over his rain pants. One less thing to fight over is always good in my books.

Do you know what was kind of strange? That it was actually difficult to find just rain pants for kids. 

So when I had the chance to import CeLaVi and their amazing rain gear I jumped at the chance. CeLaVi is an awesome Danish  brand that is created with focus on well-being. It should be great fun to be a ”real mischief-maker”, who lives, plays, and explores in all kinds of weather.

That's a mission that I can get behind. AND the fact that their rain gear comes in bright, bold colours. I was sold.



There's a reason that these classic rain suits are loved by outdoor schools the world over. Us? We love how practical these two piece rain suits are. You can mix and match depending on the weather. A little bit rainy? Just the coat. Really rainy? Both pieces. Muddy? Just the pants. Winter but not cold? Use the pants with a winter coat. 

The jacket has a detachable hood, with a soft fleece collar. There's a snap flap over the zipper for extra protection from the rain. The pants have an elastic so that they stay snug over boots. The overalls have elastic straps and snaps at the sides for a custom fit.

One less reason for your kiddo to meltdown? That's priceless in our books.

Head over to check out the full collection of classic rain suits, pants, overalls, and waterproof mittens!




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