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The Best Babywearing Winter Accesssories

November 03, 2019 1 min read

I've spent a lot of years carrying babes, in summer and winter and everything in between. There have been two things that have made winter carrying easier.

The first? An awesome bonnet or helmet style baby hat. The strings make it difficult for little hands to take their hat off, which means less time that I'm trying to put a hat on a squirmy kid on my back :D

We have two fantastic styles. The DUNS Sweden bonnets - a single layer of soft cotton jersey, these caps are perfect for Spring and Fall days or warmer Winter days. And the Maxomorra velour-lined helmet hats, which are perfect for Winter days (Sterling is wearing the old Beaver print in this photo).

The second thing that saved my butt were tights! They meant no dreaded ankle gap between socks and pants. On cold days, they were an extra layer under pants to keep kiddo warmer. And they never rode up under snowsuits meaning 58% fewer fights when getting my little ones ready on a Winter day. Anything that leads to fewer clothing-related fights is a solid WIN in my books.

Shop our entire Babywearing Accessories collection over here - all of these are tried and tested by us and have received our seal of approval <3

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