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October 21, 2020 1 min read

I am so excited to announce what we have been working so hard on. 

Over the last few months we've been dreaming up high quality Canadian-made sustainable open ended toys that can facilitate learning and imagination. Today is the day we get to share some of the fantastic products releasing first!

3 Part Tray

We've designed the 3 part tray to include a generous card slot at the top. This allows the child to add cardboard or chipboard letters, thin wood letter cards such as those from Erzii, and flashcards. You can use the 3 part tray in numerous ways as part of open-ended play or using traditional Montessori methods.

Ten Frame with Counting Balls

We have designed a beautiful ten frame. The ten frame has been used to teach children math concepts since the late eighties and has been helpful for children who are hands on learners. You can use the ten frame to teach concepts of addition, subtraction, fractions, and so much more.

Card Holder

The card holder is a fantastic versatile card holder which can be used to hold flash cards, seasonal cards, playing cards, cardboard and chipboard letters, art cards for art appreciation, recipe cards for children learning to cook and much more.



The perfect size for little hands and has been designed to be used with all Modern Rascals tracing products (more to come). Sold in packs of 3. 


We hope you are just as excited!



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