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Mountain Press Publishing

Fiddleheads to Fir Trees: Leaves in All Seasons, Hardcover

From the unwelcome prickle of the thistle to the generous shade of the catalpa tree, leaves come in a remarkable and surprising variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Children will be delighted by the fourteen diverse North American plants depicted in Fiddleheads to Fir Trees, from weeping willow and cedar to cattail and poison ivy. The plants are organized by season, starting with the tender fiddleheads of a fern in early spring and ending with the snow-dusted needles of the balsam fir. Scientifically trained illustrator Laurie Caple deftly places insects and animals among the foliage in her beautiful watercolors, adding to their visual appeal. • Poems introduce the leaves and nature notes explain their special features • Readers can search for the insect or animal in every page spread • Children are introduced to all types of leaves from young ferns to insect-eating leaves to scaly spruce • Leaves are pictured in all seasons to demonstrate the diversity of nature

Author: Joanne Linden
Artist: Laurie Caple
Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing