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December 2020 US Shipping Update

I know that many of you are anxiously waiting for your orders to arrive (and potentially staring at the calendar while feeling nervous)! 

We've had a number of emails over the last few days, so rather than leaving everyone else wondering I thought it was better to send out an email so that everyone knows.

We've started to hear about (and see) long delays in the USPS system. What we're currently seeing is that orders that were labeled a week+ ago are still showing up in USPS tracking as pre-shipment. Normally you would have already received your order by now, so it definitely feels strange!

So what's going on?

For our US shipments, we send our packages via courier to our US shipping service who then drives everything across the border directly to the USPS depot. Generally, this second trip adds about 1 day to the shipping time.

Right now we're seeing an extra 1-2 day delay with the initial courier trip. As of Monday, we were also seeing an extra 3-4 business day delay at the USPS depot - packages are there, but USPS is so overwhelmed by the volume of mail that they aren't able to get items scanned and injected into the USPS system as quickly as they normally would. This is made worse by COVID-related staffing limitations as they can't simply add more people to the floor to get through the backlog as they have to maintain safety protocols/distancing.

USPS actually updated their site yesterday with an alert (photo below and it'll link you through if you'd like to read it directly).

So what does that mean?

USPS is working as hard as they can to clear the backlog to try and get everyone their orders. 

On our end, we're working hard to get orders packed and shipped out as quickly as possible since this is the one part of the process that we can control.

I wish that I could give clear expectations on when your order will be scanned by USPS or when it will arrive. Unfortunately, we have the same visibility into USPS as you do and so I'm not able to provide any more information at this point. 

I know that for me so much of this year has been a lesson in my capacity to be patient (even when I thought I didn't have an ounce of patience left). So I truly appreciate your patience, because I know how much of it we've had to give (and how little many of us have left in reserve).

- jana