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Lay Buy - Pay Off Over 2 Months, Ships when Complete

We're pleased to announce that we now offer Lay Buy!


PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (Lay-Buy) powered by PayPal makes it easy for you to buy the products that you want. 

PayPal charges a 1.9% fee for all Lay Buy transactions, which works out to just a few dollars on most transactions

All Lay Buy orders require a 20% non-refundable down payment and have 2 months to pay off the balance

SECURITY: All Payments are processed within PayPal’s secure environment.

CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically set up between you and the seller

FLEXIBLE: You can also email us to move the pending payments earlier or later. 

CHOICE: A Lay Buy Payment can be made and recurring profile setup via your PayPal account (or your credit card via your PayPal account).


Lay Buy by PayPal Steps Available at Modern Rascals




Select PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (Lay-Buy)  powered by PayPal payment option at checkout.


You will be re-directed to PayPal to complete down-payment and to set up a recurring profile in PayPal’s secure environment.

Please remember when setting up a Lay Buy that you will need access to your PayPal email address as all confirmation and invoices will be sent to this email address. Once a Lay Buy has been set up, we cannot change your email details.


Payments are processed by PayPal on the scheduled date YOU set. Check your order status within your PayPal reporting module. We are unable to change the scheduled dates after the order has been placed so please check your choice carefully before finalizing your order.

If you would like to pay in full to receive your order earlier, please email us at jana@modernrascals.ca with your order number. We will send you a 'buy now' email for the remainder of your balance owing. Once the payment has been finalized we'll ship your order out right away.


Your order will be shipped after we've received your last payment.


PayPal charges a 1.9% fee for all Lay Buy transactions, which works out to just a few dollars on most transactions. No additional interest or charges will be charged.


If your Lay-Buy order does not set up correctly your order will not be placed. This typically occurs when there is an issue with the card linked to your PayPal account (e.g. your credit card has expired, there aren't enough funds, etc.). In this case PayPal is not able to set up the payment profile or automatically process the installment payments. 

Please check your PayPal account setup to ensure that you have an up to date and correct card linked to your profile. Once this has been updated, please try again!
Under our Lay Buy agreement the customer is deemed to have agreed to the following terms:

• A non-refundable deposit of 20% minimum is required for payment when the lay buy is set up. 
• Lay buys are on a 2 month term.
• Lay buys exceeding the 2 month period (without prior approval for an extension) will result in cancellation of the lay buy and forfeiture of the deposit paid.
• Please choose carefully as once the lay buy is set up, no changes can be made.
• Prices of items on lay buy are fixed to the price at the time of the lay buy, and future sales or discounts cannot be retroactively applied.
For full Terms and Conditions, please see Lay Buys official Terms.

Email us at hello@modernrascals.ca if you have any questions about our lay buy program.