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African Tales, Paperback

Get swept away by 8 traditional tales from 8 different African nations retold by master storyteller Gcina Mhlophe, a well-known South African activist, actor, poet, playwright and director. Mhlophe provides a fascinating, fact-filled introduction to each story about the country it comes from to boost young readers' reading comprehension, global awareness and geography knowledge.

The stories include: - Nolwandle, Girl of the Waves (Namibia) - Makhosi and the Magic Horns (Malawi) - Masilo and Masilonyana (Lesotho) - The Great Hunter (Swaziland) - Sea Wind (Senegal) - Ananse and the Impossible Quest (Ghana) - The Story of the Wise Mother (Sudan) - Everything Changes, Everything Passes (Ethiopia)

With the author's keen insight and Rachel Griffin's delicate embroidered illustrations, this anthology is truly one-of-a-kind.

96 page paperback

Ages 8 and up