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Anthroposophical Single Letter

Single letters sold for educational phonetic props or bedroom decor. Create words to inspire in your home or a child's name over their bed. Grimms Decorative Figures can be used with the celebration/birthday rings, advent spirals, life lights and branches as decorations only. They are not safety rated for play as they are classified as a decorative item.

This listing is for a SINGLE letter. 

"light" vowels – yellow, "dark" vowels – blue, soft consonant – orange, hard consonant – red, breathy consonant – dark green, R, L – light green, J – purple, S, Z – turquoise.

Recommended for ages 14+ Warning! decorative item! not suitable for playing!

Materials: handpainted lime wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain.
Size: height 7.5 cm

NEW SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS - As of April 2020, Grimms does not allow the sale and shipping of its products from Canadian sellers to American customers. We apologize for this inconvenience.