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Barefoot Book of Earth Tales, Paperback

Stop a moment to wonder about the world around you - the warmth of the sun, the shade of the trees, the echoing cadence of animal calls. What do these mean to you? The seven stories in this collection come from cultures near and far, each one unique in its relationship with the natural world.

In this beautiful book of folk tales and craft projects, you will learn about the ways that different cultures around the world set out to live in harmony with the rhythms and patterns of nature. You will also learn to create a song-line painting, cook anything-goes soup, make a cornhusk doll, grow your own tomatoes, make a pinecone birdfeeder, build a willow den and design a mini water garden.

Read Alone: Ages 4 - 8 Read Together: Ages 6 - 10

Compiled By: Dawn Casey and Illustrated By: Anne Wilson

Story / Activity combinations include: The Sun Mother (Australia) with make a song-line painting, Why the Sky Is Far Away (Nigeria) with make anything-goes soup, She Who Is Alone (American Southwest) with make a cornhusk doll, Grumpy Gecko (Bali) with grow your own tomatoes, The Magic Garden (Kazakhstan) with make a pinecone birdfeeder, Amrita's Tree (India) with Build a willow den, Stink Water (Wales) with make a mini water garden.