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Blue Atoll Retro Apple Long Sleeve Onesie - Wool & Bamboo Mix


Wool is a fantastic natural material. Wool has the ability to help the body regulate temperature. Wool insulates against cold and keeps the body warm, even when the body gets moist. Wool can be used all year round, day and night. Wool has a self-cleaning property, so you do not have to wash wool as often.

Laundry Instructions:

The wool has been given easy-care treatment so that it can be washed in an ordinary washing machine. Småfolk recommends washing with a detergent designed specifically for wool care.

From Smafolk, a Danish brand for little ones. Known for their retro 70s vibe and colourful collections.

Material: 46%Wool 46%Bamboo 8%Nylon

Raw wool is 100% mulesing-free. The wool is treated and processed according to Oeko-tex standard 100

Size Info

How to find your child's size:

Measure your child without clothes. Find the measurement in table below and read the best fitting size.
All clothing has added extra width for movement.
Follow chest width for tops and dresses and follow waist and hip width for bottoms.

Smafolk Size Chart

How to measure your child:

1. Height
Place your child against a wall with legs together and measure from top of head to floor.

2. Chest width
Measure around the chest, right below the armpit where the child is widest. The child must stand with arms relaxed along the sides.

3. Waist width
Measure around the waist, the narrowest place on the upper body. The child must stand with arms relaxed along the sides.

4. Hip width
Measure around the hip, the widest place on the bottom.

5. Inner leg length
Measure from crotch to floor, along the leg.

Age 1-2 yrs. 2-3 yrs. 3-4 yrs. 4-5 yrs. 5-6 yrs. 7-8 yrs. 9-10 yrs. 11-12 yrs.
Size / Height 86-92 92-98 98-104 104-110 110-116 122-128 134-140 146-152
Chest width 53 55 56 57 58 64 70 76
Waist width 52 53 54 55 56 58 62 66
Hip width 54 57 60 62 64 68 75 85
Inner leg 35 39 42 46 50 58 65 71
Garment Care

Care Instructions

Småfolk recommends washing clothes inside out