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Carrion Crow Bird Call

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Corvus corone corone
Carrion crow
Cornacchia nera
Corneja negra

Material: boxwood and brass, rubber ring <

"Croassement" of one, "cornage" on the other crows did not hesitate to play their votes. "Kroa kroa" course and "Ou-ainn". Scraping throat, pinching the nose up to issue an "clouclouclou" dovecote.
The tube in hand, hold the bird call between thumb and index blast (beside therefore split) allowing the sound to die. Vary the value of her by the hand, by opening the fingers. Repeat three or four times.
"Ouain." Or. "Ain. Or. Ain."

Made by Quelle est Belle Company, in France

 Age Recommendation: 5+

Our bird-calls are always carefully packed in small wooden boxes like pencil cases.
A picture of the bird can be found on the front, its name and the instructions for use are printed inside on the bottom.
The sign < means that the bird-call must be blown.
The sign ~ means that the bird-call is manipulated not blown.