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Stuka Puka

Chicken Lifecycle Wooden Puzzle

What was first, egg or chicken? Now you can see what's inside that egg for yourself and teach your little one. The Chicken Life Cycle Wooden Puzzle is a wonderful educational toy to teach the kiddos all about chickens. With 6 different layers of natural wood, the puzzle shows how the chicken embryo is built, how it hatches and develops into a young chick and then into an adult chicken. It's fascinating, educational and fun! Each puzzle comes with a little brochure packed with interesting details on the subject. 


  • Dimensions: 11” x 11.8”
  • Materials: Natural plywood, Naturally safe, non-toxic, no lead, no paint, only natural wax-based color
  • Features: 7 elements, base and cover. The base has elastic bands to hold all the pieces in place for storage
  • Made in Poland. Translated to English

Every piece of wood used is slightly different in colour, texture and grain. The naturally occurring imperfections seen in wood (e.g knots, colour changes, etc) cannot be removed. 

    (Manufacturer Safety Rating of 3+)