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Colour Towers Game

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A fun game that teaches the theory of colours. It has three levels of difficulty. Players draw pieces without looking to create the highest tower to win. OPTION A) Players “steal” the pieces from the playing surface or the top of an opponent’s tower if the colour matches the piece drawn (e.g. red “steals” red). OPTION B) Players “steal” pieces if they make a secondary colour (e.g. orange “steals” yellow and red). OPTION C) Players “steal” complementary colours (e.g. yellow “steals” purple).

Includes: 34 wooden discs in 6 colours, cotton bag and instructions

Skills: Grasping, stacking, classification

This game is for 2-4 players.

 Safety Rating: ages 4+ years

Milaniwood is a brand of exclusively designed ecological wooden games that are 100% manufactured in Italy by T.a.m.i.l., a company that has been making high quality wooden components since 1924. The games are made with FSC wood using machinery fuelled by clean energy, safe, with attention to detail and recyclable packaging made of cotton and cardboard.