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Connection Bridge

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Note - this works with Portcullis SKU 5540534 ** this is NOT the Portcullis we currently have in stock

Ostheimer Wooden Toys - Drawbridge Gate

Dimensions: 33 x 24.5 cm

Care Instructions: For care simply use soapy water with a damp cloth for cleaning. Dry immediately. Please do not submerge in water and do NOT use disinfectant or hot water.

Age Recommendation: 3+ years.

Hand Crafting of each Ostheimer Piece:

From the draft to the finished product Ostheimer toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted, oiled, and shipped out: and each step in this long process of careful handcrafting is inspired by a wish to give children toys of truly high quality to play with. This way, each Ostheimer wooden figures becomes a valuable individual piece of work.