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GeoBlocks Loose Parts - ZigZag

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Young and old builders may be creative and imaginative.

The different shapes are all based on equilateral triangles so that they can be made to nestle together in a natural, intuitive style or assembled on clear and constructive lines. This allows fabulous unique structures to materialize, no two of which are alike.

Size: length 19 cm, width 15.2 cm, height 63 cm, weight 420g

Includes: 30 wooden pieces: fanfold for block-laying and building games

Materials: beech, natural and coloured laquered

Since 1991 Erzi has been a trademark for educationally valuable and high-quality teaching and learning resources made from wood for playing, learning and moving. Especially its range of precisely detailed and lifelike miniature food for toy shops and its accessories made Erzi known worldwide. The focus of Erzi's corporate philosophy has always been to support and promote children in their individual needs for exercise, playing and learning.

SAFETY RATING: Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking and suffocation hazard! It contains small parts and balls. 3+