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Storey Publishing

Howl Life a Wolf

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Balance an egg like an emperor penguin! Stalk like a camouflaged leopard! This illustrated interactive guide invites kids ages 6 and up to join the animal world with creative play mimicking key behaviors of 15 fascinating animals.

Kathleen Yale spent over a decade chasing critters through the Rocky Mountains as a wildlife field biologist and holds degrees in conservation biology and environmental studies. She has authored text for a number of nature-related books, including Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park, and the successful Backpack Explorer children's series with Storey. Formerly a scriptwriter for the popular, award-winning educational YouTube channels SciShow and Crash Course, she serves as special projects editor at Orion magazine. She lives with her family in northwestern Montana.

Kaley McKean is an illustrator based in Toronto. This is her first children's book. Visit her at kaleymckean.com.