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Amanda Minuk

Meet the Rainbow Colours

Learn All the Colours of the Rainbow and more!

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet - these are the beautiful colours of the rainbow. In this educational and engaging book, children learn a fun fact about each of these colours. Each page is dedicated to a different colour. The objects of the same colour with clear word-labels are used to keep it simple and engaging. Pink, Black and White are also included for added fun!

Read the book with your child to help them develop early speaking and observation skills. The colour-themed pages with cute pictures will get your kids talking and looking for objects in their everyday life!

This engaging book is great for early preschool to early grade learning as it has bonus educational material.

Bonus material!

  • It includes 6 colour combination visuals so that your child can learn the basics about mixing colours. Eg. Red+Yellow = Orange

  • 2 pages of doodles for your child to practice their colouring in skills

  • 1 page to draw their own picture or mix their own colours