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Modern Rascals

Redwood Tree with Base | FINISHED TO ORDER |

Note: these items will be finished to order, which is expected to take approximately 1-2 weeks

The Redwood Tree is painted in beautiful shades. Can stand on its own or choose a base to add additional stability. Pair our Redwood tree with our bases to create custom play scenes and educational shelf setups. Our tree collection can be used for storytelling, role-playing, nature discoveries, and decor.

Did you know?

Redwood trees are the tallest type of tree on Earth. Entire ecosystems live in their branches, and they are crucial to maintaining a stable and human-friendly climate!

The only place in the world where you can find Redwood trees is on the west coast of North America from British Columbia through to southern Oregon.

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Includes:1 Redwood Tree - approx 25.4 cm (10") tall, 1 Small base approx 4.5" wide

Hand-stained with love by the Modern Rascals Team in small batches(colour variation may happen due to the small-batch nature of our stains).



Proudly Canadian made with sustainably sourced Canadian Maple and finished with FDA approved non-toxic food-safe Linseed Oil. Due to the nature of natural wood, there will be colour and grain variations and no two products will be alike.