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Rock Dove (Pigeon) Bird Call

Columba livia
Rock Dove
Piccione selvatico
Paloma bravía 

From "roucoulades" in "aubades", his music says his moods.
It's up to you.
Hold appeau with one hand by filling with the index at the opening puck and bring to your mouth as if it was a glass.
Blow into the slot by à-coups-roucoulade.
Use the technique of ramage (roll language) and make a small "Neck" at the beginning of each breath.
With the index falling, you change the tone. "Or-Rou-Neck."

Material: beech wood

Made by Quelle est Belle Company, in France

 Age Recommendation: 5+

Our bird-calls are always carefully packed in small wooden boxes like pencil cases.
A picture of the bird can be found on the front, its name and the instructions for use are printed inside on the bottom.
The sign < means that the bird-call must be blown.
The sign ~ means that the bird-call is manipulated not blown.