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Strong Readers Set B: Food Chains (L15)



Level 15 Back cover book introduction: All plants and animals need food to live, grow and stay healthy. Plants and animals that are linked by taking or giving food are part of a food chain. What are some of the plants and animals that you and your family eat?

Educator & Series Information
Food Chains is part of the Strong Readers: Set B series. Set B is a continuation of Set A. The mixture of fiction and non-fiction books, from levels 11 through 20, expands on frog, bear, eagle, and raven, considering their full lifecycles.

The Strong Readers are a guided/leveled reading series chock full of science, numeracy, social responsibility, language arts and oral language teachings. Strong Readers are rich with scaffolded text features and have beautiful illustrations and photographs. The entire series is interconnected and follows the cultural values of frog, bear, eagle and raven throughout.

Guided Reading Level: 15

Additional Information
Book Dimensions: 6in x 9in | Pages: 16 | ISBN: 9781771740272