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The River That Wolves Moved


Yellowstone National Park has been a longtime home to large predators, including the gray wolf. But the relationship between human and wolf has always been a tense and complicated one. Due to predator control programs, by the mid-1900s, wolves had almost been entirely eliminated from the region. The removal of even one strand of an ecosystem's complex web can have a ripple effect, though. Using the structure of "The House that Jack Built," science writer Mary Kay Carson shows the interconnectedness of the wildlife that lives in a place and how the presence (or absence) of a single species can impact an ecosystem so that the physical landscape itself is altered. Back matter includes information about the wolves' reintroduction to the park.

Mary Kay Carson is the author of Wildlife Ranger Action Guide. She has written more than 50 books for young people about wildlife, space, weather, nature, and history, including six titles in the acclaimed Science in the Field series, Weather Projects for Young Scientists, and more. She has served as associate editor of Scholastic Super Science magazine and developed student and teacher guides for Audubon Adventures.

David Hohn is the illustrator of Just Like Beverly: A Biography of Beverly Cleary, which garnered starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews and Booklist. He lives in Portland, Oregon.