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The Secret Stream


In this nonfiction picture book, a stream narrates its own natural history as it flows from its headwaters in the mountains to its mouth in the lowlands, introducing the plants and animals that line its banks and live in its waters.

The poetic story, combining lyricism with natural history excellence, is augmented and enriched by informative sidebars and backmatter. Birds, mammals, amphibians, and insects peek out from the beautiful, scientifically accurate illustrations. color

KIMBERLY RIDLEY (Brooklin, ME) is a science writer and editor whose articles and essays have appeared in the Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, and many other print and online publications. Her books include the multi—award winning The Secret Pool and The Secret Bay.

Megan Elizabeth Baratta illustrates with pencil, ink, and watercolor, sometimes using Procreate for digital enhancements. She loves rendering scenes of ordinary life and showing their quiet beauty. Her clients include Two Leaves + a Bud, Wild Birds Unlimited, Uppercase Magazine, and others. Inspired by the natural world, Miyazaki films, and all things British, Megan lives in upstate New York.