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Lerner Publishing Group


Illustrator: Magdalena Takacova 


An engaging children’s picture book that teaches them what it’s like to live inside of a tree! Start on outside of the tree and work your way further in as this one-of-a-kind board book reveals dozens of adorable illustrations, educational captions and vocabulary words, cut-out accents, and hidden chambers. Discover what kinds of animals you’ll find in trees, what they do, and so much more!

Author Bio

As a child, she would draw and stick pictures in her own magazines, which she would then hand around to her classmates. In her teens she wrote a lot – as well as letters and diaries, she would invent stories and send them to friends by post. Although she wanted to be a photographer or graphic designer, she studied Czech literature and spent several years working as a journalist. In her free time, she travelled widely and discovered children’s books, which she wrote about in her blog. Having become tired of journalism, she took on a new challenge; now she works at a publishing house, where she thinks up stories and writes books for children.

Magdalena Takacova is a freelance graphic designer. She is the author of Vlasy Children's Book.

9.0 X 9.0 in
12 pages