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Wobbel Pro with Sky Recycled Eco Felt

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What's new with the Wobbel Pro?

The Wobbel Pro is the twin sister of the Wobbel Original. With a big difference: this Wobbel has no wool felt but instead uses recycled pressed felt on the bottom. That makes this Pro suitable for intensive use. The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles. Just like the wool felt, it reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel. The soft, felt look means an extra invitation to the users. This felt does not peel and is easy to clean. The available color pressed felt forms a beautiful and unique contrast with the wood.

The Wobbel stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance. When using it as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated, while other exercises train big muscle groups. This goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly.

In our own experience, the Wobbel works like a magnet on children. Not only for exuberant and playful games (together as well) but also for quiet moments and individual play.

The Wobbel is (because of its shape and looks) the only toy that doesn’t need to be put away after playing with it. It looks great in every living room. It is designed for indoor use but can be used outside with sufficient care.

The Wobbel is what you imagine it is; a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, a small football goal, or at the back of an elephant? 


The Wobbel is made with many layers of the best European beech wood (sustainably harvested), which are stacked and pressed under high pressure, and has a uniquely designed curve. Wobble Boards with added EKO wool felt to protect floors and Wobbel, and dampen sound. 

The Wobbel is a wood product and some amount of visible wood grain in the final product is considered normal. Refunds or Returns will not be accepted because of a normal variation in a wood product.

The Child-friendly finish is a water-based translucent lacquer.

Age Recommendation: All ages - CE approved up to 200 kilos.

Measurements approx. 90 x 30 centimeters

Safety Tips:

The Wobbel is a very mobile toy and, as always with these kinds of toys, parental or adult supervision is required. Especially for children of younger ages. 

  1. Make sure your child always uses the Wobbel under adult supervision;
  2. Always use a Wobbel on a flat and level surface. Using the Wobbel on a sloped and/or rough surface could result in the Wobbel tipping over and causing injuries.
  3. Never wear socks or smooth shoes. Bare feet or wear shoes that aren’t slippery to prevent accidents;
  4. When using the Wobbel in bridge mode (ᴖ), don’t walk near the edges, as it can tip over. Teach your children to walk in the middle. For children under 6 years old, hold their hands in this position.
  5. Take care with fingers at the edges. Teach your children from the first use to always keep their fingers away from the edges. There is an entrapment hazard of the fingers and hands if they get caught under the Wobbel which could result in injuries;
  6. Make sure there are at least 2 meters of free space around the Wobbel (including other children). 
  7. The materials of the Wobbel are subject to wear. Make sure your child doesn’t stick loose pieces in their mouth, which could result in choking. Remove them when present.

A few guides for using the Wobbel:

  1. The Wobbel is designed for indoor use. It can be used outdoors but will wear quicker. Never leave outside, because water and moist will eventually damage the wood, paint, felt and or cork;
  2. The untreated EKO wool felt can pill. This has no effect on the use. Optionally, you can remove the pilling with a lint clipper or by hand;
  3. If no cork or felt is underneath the Wobbel we recommend that you use a mat, carpet or rug underneath the Wobbel. This protects the Wobbel, your flooring, and your ears. For vulnerable or floors that aren’t scratch resistant we always recommend using a mat, carpet or rug underneath the Wobbel, even if there is cork or felt underneath. Unprotected parts can still damage your floor or the Wobbel could get damaged.
  4. The Wobbel can get damaged by use on hard and or irregular floors. Especially pay attention to tile flooring. Cork and felt can protect when using it with the convex side up (ᴗ). If no cork of felt is on your Wobbel we recommend that you use a mat, carpet or rug underneath it to protect the Wobbel, your floor and your ears. With the concave side up (ᴖ) cork or felt don’t offer protection and we recommend using a mat, carpet or rug underneath it. Moving or dragging the Wobbel over these kinds of floors with the concave side up (ᴖ) the edges could get damaged.
  5. Don’t store the Wobbel near a heat source like central heating and don’t store it in damp environments like a bathroom or unheated shed or garage.
  6. Don’t stack multiple Wobbel boards, but store them on their sides
  7. Users that are or were under the care of a physical therapist for their musculoskeletal system are advised to contact that therapist for proper use of the Wobbel.

Cleaning and Maintenance: 

It is advised to clean the Wobbel with a damp cloth, combined with a mild detergent if necessary. It’s important to wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning. Cork and felt are best cleaned in the same way. We had great results with a natural soap. Don’t wet the cork and felt too much because that could result in the detachment of the glue or could deform the cork. Don’t brush the felt too much, because that might damage it.

The Wobbel doesn’t need any special maintenance.