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June 15, 2020 2 min read

We often get questions about which colour theme from GRIMMS to choose when buying rainbows, bridges, semi-circles, etc. Pastel, Rainbow, Monochrome and Natural are the 4 colour themes offered by Grimms and we carry a great variety of most of their products in most colour themes. It is truly a personal choice but we've compiled our thoughts below.

There is something about the beauty that shines through when there is no dye applied. The natural grain through the wood is clearly visible when not hidden with colouring.

The natural finish blends easily in an adult designed space as it doesn't compete for attention against existing decor. For that reason, some parents prefer to display natural Grimms pieces in their living spaces as it coordinates best.

Natural Grimms are also are the most versatile pieces as they can be paired with any other colour theme with ease. Children can use the natural pieces as contrasting pieces in their imaginary worlds. 
The smell of the natural colour products is a fresh, woodsy smell as it is only treated with natural linseed oil.    

If there was such a thing as a con to Grimm's products (I don't think it really is a REAL con) it would be that the Natural products are not easily used as an educational tool for learning about colour. With Rainbow & Pastel colour themes, you can use them for learning vocabulary such as colour names, colour theory, matching other Grimms parts, sorting, etc. This is the only CON I can think of and truly the PRO's outweigh it. 
Grimms Natural Semircircles and Tunnel colour comparison

It is also important to note, Grimms uses different types of woods in their natural colour theme. Plywood, Alderwood and Limewood all make an appearance. The Grimms semi-circles are made using Birch Plywood - this results in the colour being different than the other natural products made with alder or lime woods. The lighter colour looks great alongside Rainbow or Postal rainbows but does contrast with the other natural products so you will not get an exact match there.

We absolutely love all the colour themes offered by Grimms and Natural may just hold a special place in our hearts. Let us know down below what you love about the Grimms Natural colour theme and you can check out all Natural Grimms here

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